Berry White Delta 8 THC UK Flower


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Berry White Delta 8 THC UK Flower

Buy Berry White Delta 8 THC UK Flower Online. Berry White cannabis delta 8 strain serves an amazing flavor and an even more amazing feeling. Plus, the flower is great for any occasion you may need to flex your rolling skills.

Berry White medical marijuana is going to make you feel like you smoking on a strawberry banana smoothie in the middle of summer while you’re walking down the street listening to your favorite song.

Berry White is a potent CBG that is infused with D8 and has a nice light nose with accents of strawberry and banana. The taste is just as enticing as the smell is, you will notice that smooth strawberry taste immediately followed by the mellowness of the banana on the backend.


  • 1.5g of Delta 8 THC infused flower
  • Berry White strain


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