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High Terpene 9.14%
Limited Edition
Full Spectrum Wax
Small Batch
Indoor Hybrid

Effects: Uplifting yet relaxing, great for any time of day
Taste: Tastes like it smells

Smell: Tropical sour candy

1 Gram Jar

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Buy Alpen Gleaux Live Resin

Buy Alpen Gleaux Live Resin online UK. Our organic Alpen Gleaux Live Resin is a slightly Indica dominant hybrid with a very interesting terpene profile. This amazing full spectrum live resin concentrate has extremely high levels of terpenes clocking in at 9.14% total!

Please check out the lab reports for the specific details on the cannabinoid and terpene profile. Below is a glance at the reports as well as additional details.

Alpen Gleaux Live Resin Specifics:
Harvest Date 12-16-2020
Terpenes – 9.14%
CBDA% – 73.65%
Delta 9 THC% – LOQ%
THCA – 3.004%

This concentrate was made with a fresh live product and has zero additives, it was made using a hydrocarbon extraction method to preserve the terpenes.


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