Buy Diamonds – AAAA – Snow White (Indica)


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Buy Diamonds – AAAA – Snow White (Indica)

Buy Diamonds – AAAA – Snow White (Indica) online UK. The parents are Northern Lights and White Widow. The smell it delivers is woody and citrus. The taste is both sweet and citrus. It offers a THC level of around 24%.

They are very fat to hold the crystals successfully. These plants also deliver high quality and high quantity of crystals. While they are short plants, the stalk is able to support the heavy buds. Snow White is often used for medicinal purposes.

This includes muscle spasms and severe cramping. It is sometimes used by those that suffer from gastrointestinal disorders. Cancer patients often use it to stimulate appetite and to offset nausea from the medications. It can also be used to treat severe depression and high levels of stress or chronic anxiety.


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