Buy Dosist Vape Pen Online Ireland



Buy Dosist Vape Pen Online Ireland

Buy Dosist Vape Pen Online Ireland,UK. This vape pen is a very efficient medical cannabis oil vaporizer. No other CBD Pen as nice and effective. The Dosist calm vape pen is true to its name and provides a calm feeling. You’ll feel astonished at its pain relieving and anxiety relief effects it provides. There is a very small minor head change from the 4% THC in the vape pen.

This product is of the highest quality when it comes to vaping cannabis oil. The Dosist vape pen is recyclable, you can turn them in for a $5.00 discount. It’s the only recyclable vape pen on the market that provides precise dosages of CBD.

The Dosist dose pen will vibrate after one dosage, there’s also a light that flashes to indicate to stop.

The number of doses recommended are accurately suggested. The directions are simple, new cannabis smokers should start off with one puff an hour.

The taste of CBD is unique and different than THC. The taste is very pleasant and light. The vape is a very cool mist and not harsh on the throat at all. It has a familiar taste of cannabis. It’s truly a medical device that provides medicine that is enjoyable to vape.

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Arouse, Bliss, Calm, Passion, Relief, Sleep


200, 50


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