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Strain Name: Moon Rocks
Type: Sativa
THC: %51.2

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 Buy Moon Rocks Marijuana Online UK

Buy Buy Moon Rocks Marijuana Online UK. Moon Rocks Weed. Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Blue Moon and BOG Bubble. Buy Moon Rocks Marijuana Online. It has a sweet blueberry lavender aroma and calming full-body effects. Buy Moon Rocks Marijuana Online

The Strongest Bud. The name itself sounds pleasing to any cannabis user who wants to get super-duper high. Instead, Moon rocks is usually a strain of Girl Scout Cookies and normally dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. Moon rocks marijuana.

In this delicious cannabinoid-rich concoction, overall potency depends on the strengths and synergies of the combined ingredients. A typical moon rock weighs in at around 51 percent THC. For the best taste and smoke, it is recommended by the girls at Kush N Wax to use a hash bowl or pipe, along with not breaking down the bud with a grinder as you will lose most of the kief in that process.



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