Buy Stick e vape vape cartridges




Buy Stick e vape vape cartridges

Buy Stick e vape vape cartridges online. STICKE born from good old-fashioned American ingenuity, crafted by a group of So Cal Natives with first-hand
experience in cultivation, extraction. Growing up in the surf, skate, art and music scene the brand
encompasses all of these elements while offering highest quality Cannabis products.

stick.e.vape is proud to team up with Dirty Heads to create Medusa Disposable Pen. Let’s be blunt: this disposable will get you stoned – like you checked out Medusa. Take a puff of this hypnotizing strain and enjoy the herbal berry flavors that linger after every hit. Medusa will leave you paralyzed with intense focus with sedative effects that gradual build.

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Tahoe OG, Black berry kush, Straw berry fields, Do-si-Dos, Skywalker OG, Tangie, Kosher Kush, Mendo Breath, Jack Herer, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, Sublime & Rome Orange Dynamite Disposable Pen, Gorilla Glue, Ghost strain haze, Tahoe OG Disposable Pen, Skywalker OG


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