Korova Vape Pen



Korova Vape Pen

Korova Vape Pen, Also, Korova vape pens and Korova vape cartridges are a recent but top trending cannabis cartridge brand. The cartridges are 510 threaded.  it also comes prefilled with THC vape juice in a variety of flavors including Mimosa, Runtz, super silver haze, tropical truffle, Mendo breath, Romulan haze and many more.  Buy Korova Vape Pen online UK

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Cherry Limeade, Gelato, , Mendo Breath, , Mimosa,, OG Kush,, Pineapple Sorbet,, Romulan Haze,, Runtz,, Super Silver Haze,, Tropical Truffle


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